Saturday, January 4, 2014

How I lost 50 lbs 

I have been overweight most of my life.I was a chubby fat kid .Cold drinks and ice creams were my constant companions after the age of 10 after which I ballooned to 82 kegs when I was 15.I fought back in college and reduced my weight to 75 kgs.Which I think was about right.However from age 23 onwards I ballooned to a 100 kgs and was near that range for nearly 13 years.My weak weight on July 2012 was 225 lbs.It wasn't for a lack of trying though and I have dieted almost all my life .
However starting from last March I stumbled into a series of fortunate events which help me drop my weight to 165 lbs.Current weight though is 172 and need to lose again :). So what were those events?
1) I drive nearly 2 hours to work daily and started listening to podcasts.One day I heard this one Podcast:Overcome Resistanceinspired me to start going  to the Local Y! regularly to exercise.
I resolved in Month of March to get up at 5 am daily and go to group classes at the Y daily.
My typical schedule looked like this
1)Sunday Mornings Tai chi and Zumba 
2) Monday Mornings Spin class for an hour
3) Tuesday Mornings Bootcamp for an hour
4)Wednesday Mornings Spin for an hour.
5)Thursday was usually rest day.
6)Friday Mornings was Bootcamp
7)Saturday was Insane interval.
I followed this schedule regularly from Mar 2013 to Aug 2013.
I don't remember my exact starting weight in Mar 2013. I think it was around 209 lbs.I had been slowly losing weight from Jan.So after starting this schedule at Y from Mar 2013 to April 21 2013 I lost a grand total of ......drum roll............4 lbs to about 205 lbs.Well being a bit sarcastic here but this was a time I thought cereal and milk was healthy. I used to have a bowl of cornflakes and whole milk for breakfast.Lunch  was rice and veggies .Dinner was similar althought I used to juice a lot too.
Game changer was this blog Tim Ferriss on Slow Carb Diet post.
I started following the diet outlined here and lost 19 lbs in month of May .By July reached 165 lbs !!!
Currently weigh 172 lbs.

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